Aquarium Interpet Under Gravel Filter System For 30 inch x 12 inch

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Aquarium Interpet Under Gravel Filter System For 30 inch x 12 inch 

Here we have an under gravel filter system suitable for all Freshwater & Marine aquariums.

Simply secure assembly

Complete kit in box ( excludes powerhead / airpump, if required email us )

Can be powered by Air pump or powerhead.

Optimum Design for even water flow

Can support heavy rock structures

Carbon cartridges included

Simple place the plates in the bottom of your tank attach the uplift tube and then cover with gravel.
We also stock the power head to fit on top of the uplift tube see our other store items for details.
Different sizes available are as follows
For 30 inch Tank
For 36 inch Tank
For 48 Inch Tank

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