Aquarium Flora Veggie Fish Flake Food Suitable for all Herbivores Fish 60g Bag

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FMF Flora Veggie Aquarium Flake Pouch Approx 60g

Special plant flake fish food suitable for all herbivorous species of fish.


You may feed several times per day but use only the amount that the fish will consume within a few minutes.


Fish and fish by products, cereal, plant protein, dried yeast, algae, spirulina, fat, lecithin, artificial colouring, all in compliance with EU standards and regulations.

Spirulina +10%, Multivitamin, , C+ stabilized, Astaxanthin

40% Protein, 2% Crude Fibre, 5% Crude Oil & Fats, 7% Crude Ash 8% Moisture.

Vitamin A, D3, C, E.

These flakes are packaged in a sealable pouch and has a tear off heat seal Top

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