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Aquarium Under Gravel Filter Plate System For 30 x 12 inch Aquarium Fish Tank

Under Gravel Filter Plate To Fit 30 x 12 inch Aquarium
Actual Plate size 29 x 11 inches
Suitable For Tropical Marine & Coldwater Aquariums.
Easy to install
High filtration rate
Proof against digging up by fish
Eliminates Filter Wool Layer
Air life removable for easy cleaning
Air lift can be fitted either side of the tray
Spare air lifts available.
Made In England
Full Fitting Instruction are supplied.
Here we have an under gravel filter system suitable for all aquariums and come complete with the uplift tube, airline and airstone.
Simple place the plates in the bottom of your tank attach the uplift tube and then cover with gravel.
We also stock the power head to fit on top of the uplift tube or an airpump
see our store for details.

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