FMF Aquarium Malawi & Tanganyika Cichlid Fish Flake Food Pouch Approx 60g

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FMF Aquarium Malawi Cichlid & Tanganyika Flake Fish Food Pouch Approx 60g

Complete flake food for cichlids from lakes Malawi and Tanganyika. A natural formula with a balanced emphasis on herbal ingredients. We also recommend it for other species with similar requirements. It contains nutritionally important components derived from insects and natural immune stimulator Beta Glucan. The innovative structure of the used raw materials allows fish metabolize balanced and thus maintain the necessary vitality.


You may feed several times per day but use only the amount that the fish will consume within a few minutes.


Fish and fish by products, wheat flour, insect meal, brewer's yeast, spirulina, seaweed, spinach, peas, chlorella, garlic, salmon oil, analytical constituents.

37% Protein, 2% Crude Fibre, 5% Crude Oil & Fats, 4.5% Crude Ash 6 % Moisture.

Vitamin A, D3, C, E.

These flakes are packaged in a sealable pouch and has a tear off heat seal Top

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