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FMF Dried Calci Worms Approx 1000g Bag

FMF Dried Calci Worms Approx 1000g Bag

Calci Worms are a high-calcium soft bodied larva of the Black Soldier Fly.

They do not carry disease, and are high in calcium. Calci worms are the only calcium rich feeder insects that have naturally balanced calcium and phosphorus and can be safely fed as a staple diet.

Calci-Worms are a natural and high nutrient-density feeder insect. Birds will benefit from a boost in calcium, protein, and amino acids contributing to strong feathers and egg laying. Calci-Worms can be fed all year round and they are particularly recommended during winter and egg-laying period.

Analytical Constituents

Protein 58%

Fat 19%

Fiber 11%

Moisture 7%

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