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Real Aquarium Curio Bog Wood 3 Medium Sized Pieces CWB4

Real Aquarium Curio Bog Wood 3 Medium Pieces Suitable for all aquariums

Approx 20 x 9 x 5 cms, Approx 18 x 16 x 5 cms, Approx 29 x 15 x 6 cms

Actual pieces as shown in the photos
3 x medium sized pieces of aquarium real Curio bogwood suitable for creating a natural environment and realistic look to your aquarium.
This bog wood is suitable for all aquariums and will help you to create a realistic and natural aquarium.
These pieces of bog will terrific in any aquarium.
This wood will need to soak for at least 48 hours and we would recommend that this is down three times before placing in the aquarium.
 At each soaking you should change the water.
We would also recommend that before you start soaking you clean the bog wood of any loose dirt or mud also boiling will assist in this process.
Please also allow water to be absorbed in the wood.
If you require any further information just email us.

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