Zoo Med Bettatherm Heater Suitable For All Betta Tanks

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Zoo Med Bettatherm Heaters Suitable for all Betta Bowls or Tanks.

Mini Size Betta Bowl Heater

Convenient small round size heater

Will fit most Betta Bowls and small fish tanks

Completely Submersible and you can also hide it under the gravel

Can be use with either Glass or Acrylic Bowls

Increase water temperature 3-5 centigrade over ambient room temperature.

Convenient round shape fits in the bottom of traditional fish bowls and other Betta Tanks

Right angled cord attachment allows easy heater placement in the bottom of the tank / bowl without straining the power cord.

Helps to keep your fish warm

Full safety instructions. Please note this product comes with a 2-pin plug so you will need an adapter plug.

7.6 cms in Diameter 7.5 watts for use in tanks bowls up to 11 litres

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